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Kwik-Draw Horizontal Projector

Kwik-Draw Horizontal Projector

A practical and low cost solution to scaling, the Kwik-Draw offers the best value, lightweight portable projector.

Enlarging up to 2500%, the Kwik-Draw is ideal for wall or ceiling murals. Rubber feet protect your table, or can be tripod mounted with our Projector Platform Accessory.

Being lightweight and portable it is ideal for taking on location.

Max original image size: 6”x 6”

Illumination: 250w photolamp

Note: If considering the Kwik-Draw KD200 projector, we always recommend that you look at the 300XK which is essentially the Kwik-Draw on a stand and can project down onto a drawing board AND horizontally onto a wall like the Kwik-Draw. The 300XK is more versatile and more popular.

Some customers choose the Kwik-Draw and later want to get a stand for it, unfortunately a stand is not available, that's why we suggest the 300XK.

Weight 9.00 lbs
Our price: $150.00
Choose a voltage: