Edible Ink Refill Kit 6 Bottles

Edible Ink Refill Kit 6 Bottles

Emergency back up inks. If you run out of ink, fill your own with this kit

For Printers that require 6 different inks...

When you really need ink but your tanks are empty reach for your refill kit! 6 colors; caps and needles - just squeeze the edible inks into the kartridges.

Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta Export, Photo Cyan, And Photo Magenta Export

Each refill kit will fill kartridges up to 3 times - we recommend you do not refill kartridges more than 3 times.

*There are a few edible food dyes such as Red#3 which are allowed in the USA,
but not allowed for Export, so some of these Export inks and colors are marked
on our items by adding an (-E).

Refilling Ink Tank Instruction Sheet

Weight 2.00 lbs
Our price: $59.00