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The ingenuity of Gerry Mayer, a 5th generation baker, started Kopykake Enterprises in 1969.

Until the late 1890's, Schifferstadt, Germany was home to Mayers and their bakeries. From 1905 through the mid-1960s, the baking legacy was continued in Chicago. Mayer's Bakery of Palos Verdes opened its doors on July 12, 1965, and has been delighting customers with the finest cakes and baked goods ever since. In the later 1960’s Gerry Mayer was getting more and more requests from customers for him to put designs on their cakes that matched their party napkins. Being a creative artist Gerry was able to copy the design by eye onto cakes with icing but he instinctively knew there had to be a better, quicker, more profitable way. A way that would make his life easier….

So he began to experiment and the result was the first Kopykake Opaque Projector. Now, whenever a customer gave him a design, he would put it in the projector, project the image enlarge onto the cake and outline it in a fraction of the time it used to take him. He could now complete more cakes in a day and become more profitable. Soon all the local bakeries heard of Gerry’s invention and wanted one; so he began manufacturing them in his garage after the bakery had closed for the day. As word spread, Gerry became busier and busier and that’s how Kopykake began.

Since those early days Gerry has shown his inventiveness many times. Kopykake quickly established itself as a leader in the bakery supply industry and became renowned for its creative innovations.

Since those early days Kopykake has developed the KromaJet and Airmaster air compressors an airbrushes that spray food colors onto cakes without blowing holes in the frosting. An array of Kroma Kolor Food Colors aids the cake decorator with color coded tops to prevent the need to search for the required color. Disposable Decorating Bags allow the cake decorator to easily see what color icing is available to them and so reach for it quickly saving time and frustration.

Making Life Easier for Cake Decorators is the underlying mission of Kopykake. Everything we do and manufacture is inspired by this objective.

Noticing that technology could be used to take leaps towards making life easier for cake decorators, Kopykake invented the Kwikscan-III and KopyJet computerized cake decorating systems that enable pictures, photos and images to be scanned, printed and placed seamlessly on top of cakes. Other systems exist but are too expensive for the small retail bakery, KopyJet utilizes the bakery’s own computer, own scanner and own printer (Canon) the only expense being Kopykake’s Edible Inks and Edible Frosting Sheets. We have even designed Cake Decorating Software Desktop Decorator , which is available as a FREE Download!

Kopykake is perfectly positioned at the fore front of the industry and expects to remain there because Gerry Mayer is joined in the business by his two Sons Rick and Greg along with a team of professionals dedicated to making your life easier whether you’re a Cake Decorator or an Artist.