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Kopykake Desktop Decorator is user friendly, FREE cake decorating software that enables cake decorators to create picture perfect party cakes quickly and easily. As soon as you use Desktop Decorator you will see that anyone can quickly begin to use the software successfully, even if you have little or no computer experience.

All you need to do is follow the on-screen steps

1. Choose the style of Frosting Sheet you are decorating

2. Look through the sample borders and decide if you want to add a colorful and fun design

3. Scan your image or load one from your files

4. Size your image as required and add text

5. View the design and print when ready

Desktop Decorator works on a Print Credit system - each time you print, you use a credit. You initially have 15 Free credits and get 24 more each time you purchase our Frosting Sheets. Eachpack of Frosting Sheets contains a code you key into Desktop Decorator and it will give you 24 more print credits.

Frosting Sheet sizes that work with Desktop Decorator are the following:
1/2 Sheet, 1/4 Sheet, 10" Round, 8" Round, 3" Rounds, 2" Rounds and Business Card

Issues getting the "HELP" files working in your version of Windows?
Windows Vista Help File Click Here | Windows 7 Help File Click Here

 Desktop Decorator now runs under Windows XP/Vista/7 - 32bit and 64bit
This program now also runs under Windows 8/Windows 10 - NON-TOUCH SCREEN

Click Here for 64bit Installation Instructions

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