Kopykake Kroma-Jet 2

Don't Blow Holes in Your Frosting!

Order Online The ALL NEW KROMA JET 2 is sturdy, clean and quiet. And very small! Housed in an attractive case it needs no maintenance. The airbrush is made of precision machined brass, and has a chrome-nickle plated finish.

Perfect for the small shop or the home cake sugar crafter or decorator.

This complete airbrush system delivers up to 14 PSI, which is perfect for fine lines and delicate shadings using liquid airbrush food colors.

This is a constant airflow system, which means that the user merely adjusts flow of color by a slight backward movement of the airbrush trigger.

Owner's Manual: View it here


*For use with KOPYKAKE Single Action Airbrushes Only


Airbrush Compressor Systems
Kroma Jet 2 Compressor
and Airbrush (AB018)
(Shown Above) 
Complete System
KRJSET-2 $175.00 Place Order Online
Kroma Jet-2 Compressor Only KJC-2 $95.00
Phone Orders are Welcome: USA Toll Free: 1-800-999-5253 and International: 1-310-373-8906

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