Kopykake Kroma Flow Paste:
Any color with Just a Few Drops

Order Online 12 shades of brilliant colors designed for all cake decorating needs, including White.

FLOW-PASTE KOLORS have the impact and intensity needed for virtually all cake decorating and bakery coloring applications, from delicate shadings to lively vibrant colors.

All FLOW PASTE KOLORS colors can be mixed to create just about any desired color. With the addition of just a few drops of our OPAQUE WHITE COLOR, you can now produce soft pastel tones, and grays which were not possible before.

FLOW PASTE KOLORS are available in sets of 12 assorted colors, in either 8oz/240 ml or 4oz/120 ml bottles. (All colors are also available individually). Each bottle cap has the same color Neck ring as its contents, for instant identification.

All FLOW PASTE KOLORS are EU, FDA and made with Kosher approved ingredients.

See our Kosher Certificate here.

*There are a few edible food dyes such as Red#3 which are allowed in the USA,
but not allowed for Export, so some of these Export inks and colors are marked
on our items by adding an (-E).

Kolors: Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Burgundy/E, Green, Orange, Pink, Pink/E, Red, Red/E, Violet, Violet/E, Yellow, Teal, White

(Concentrated Food Colors)
Order Online Kroma Flow Paste 8oz. Set
(12 Colors in 8oz. Bottles)
FPZ12 $50.00 Place Order Online
Purchase 8oz. Bottles in Individual Colors


Kroma Flow Paste 4oz. Set
(12 Colors in 4oz. Bottles)
F4Z12 $30.00 Place Order Online
Purchase 4oz. Bottles in Individual Colors $2.75
Purchase Quart Bottles in Individual Colors $16.00
Purchase Gallon Bottles in Individual Colors $60.00
Phone Orders are Welcome: USA Toll Free: 1-800-999-5253 and International: 1-310-373-8906

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