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KD200 projecting horizontally | Kopykake | Projector Kwik-Draw is extraordinarily great value for money.

Don't mistake it for a cheap projector, this is a professional model at an affordable price.

It even out performs projectors that are twice the price!

Kwik Draw KD200 | Kopykake | Projector            Compare Kopykake to Leading Projector

Designed for the artist who works at an easel, the muralist, or the sign write, Kwik-Draw is very simple to use and produces clear images in normal lighting conditions. Although it works best in a dimly lit room you don't have to be in complete darkness for it to work!

Kwik-Draw takes any original artwork or copy up to 6" x 6", and will horizontally project clear, bright images large enough to fill a wall. Just project the image to the desired size, and trace easily and accurately.

All steel construction, completely portable, weighing just 7 lbs; Kwik-Draw even has rubber mounted feet, so it will not mark your table or desktop.

A 250* watt color corrected (to 3500 degrees K) photolamp provides true color projections and the whisper quiet fan helps cool your artwork. (220v model uses a 275 watt P1/1 photolamp).

Kwik-Draw pictured here with Projector Platform accessory (Item # PF100) which attaches to a camera tripod for easy positioning and projections.

Note: If considering the Kwik-Draw KD200 projector, we always recommend that you look at the 300XK which is essentially the Kwik-Draw on a stand and can project down onto a drawing board AND horizontally onto a wall like the Kwik-Draw. The 300XK is more versatile and more popular.

Some customers choose the Kwik-Draw and later want to get a stand for it, unfortunately a stand is not available, that's why we suggest the 300XK.

* 220/240v configured projectors have 250w/250v bulb

Owner's Manual: View it here

Kwik Draw KD200 | Kopykake | Projector KWIK-DRAW PROJECTOR KD200 $150.00 Place Order Online
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"The Preferred Projectors for Artists and Craftsmen!"

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