Dodgers Win!!!

We celebrated the Dodgers winning the World Series with this wonderful cake displaying the team photo.  We used Kopykake’s Frosting Sheets™ and Kroma Ink to print this and lay on top of the cake.

Tim Burton Cake!

Check out this beautiful cake based on the imaginative mind of Tim Burton.

May the force be with these cupcakes.

We used Kopykake tools to make these beautiful and delicious cookies for a child’s (he was 37) birthday party.

What’s up, Doc?

For a child’s birthday party, we used Kopykake Frosting Sheets™ to print a picture of Bugs and Pals.

Happy Birthday Gillian

The cast and crew of the hot show Community had this made for one of their own’s birthday. Clearly a Scrabble fan, this was made using Kopykake Frosting Sheets™ and Kroma Inks.