300XK Projector

300XK Projector

Being an excellent choice for home cake decorators, small bakeries, artists and crafters makes the 300XK the best selling projector all over the world. Easy to set up and use, it boasts a 250w color corrected photolamp for bright, clear projection so you don’t have to work in the dark.

You can enlarge your image up to 300% or reduce to 70% vertically onto the baseboard; or remove the head to project horizontally onto walls or vertical surfaces up to a massive 2500%. Choose the baseboard (14x20ins) or table clamp at no extra cost.

See our Extension Tube Accessory - it's another tube for the stand which allows you to raise the projector head higher and enlarge up to 6x the original size (6"x4" original up to 36"x24")!

Max original image size: 6' x 6'; (will project to 18' x 18'; vertically or 12' x 12' horizontally)

Illumination: 250w photolamp

Weight 20.00 lbs
Our price: $225.00
Choose a mounting type and voltage