Introducing the "NEW" Kwikscan V

*Please note that this item has been discontinued.

*Please note that this item has been discontinued.

Kwikscan V KSCANV $499.00 Place Order Online
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The Kwikscan V System Consists Of:

 (1) Kwikscan V Scanner, Printer, Copier

 (2) 8 ½ x 11 Frosting Sheets, pack of 24

 (2) Cyan Kartridge Tank

 (2) Magenta Kartridge Tank

 (2) Large Black Kartridge Tanks

 (2) Yellow Kartridge Tank

 (2) Black Kartridge Tank

 (1) 9” x 28” Promotional Window Banner

Kwikscan V System Transfers Photo Images to Sheet Cakes Economically

Controls just like a copy machine – enlarges up to 400%

NO COMPUTER REQUIRED – very user friendly

(Driver CD included for those that wish to use in conjunction with a computer)

Kolor Kartridges are filled with specially formulated FDA approved edible colors

Features 8” x 10.5” image area (1/4 sheet cake)

Impress your customers and improve your margins! Now you can create beautiful, personalized decorated cakes with the touch of a button. System uses FDA approved inks. Individual ink tanks in printer – No need to change all colors when one runs out. The Frosting Sheets are so thin they meld right into your frosting.

60 Day warranty on Kwikscan V System - No warranty outside of USA

Here’s How It Works
1. Simply take any photograph or artwork, place it into the Kwikscan V and press the Copy button.
2. The system automatically crops the photo or artwork and sizes it to fit the Frosting Sheets.
3. Within minutes, you’ll have a beautiful work of art, ready to be placed on any cake.
Kwikscan V Setup Guide (MG5320)

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