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Kopykake disposable plastic cake decorating bags save time, money, water and worry. These NOW come in three convenient sizes, 10" (25 cm), 14" (35 cm) and 20" (50 cm), and costing only pennies per bag!

For what it costs just to empty and clean one canvas or thermo bag, you can purchase 5 Kopykake decorating bags. The clear plastic allows colors to be identified at a glance. The average retail bakery can save about $3000.00 annually by using these disposable bags. No worries from the Health Department. No wasting of HOT water! No wasting of TIME. [Made of recyclable polyethylene].

Icings stay fresh and ready to use for days. Disposable means there is no messy clean-up. You can start with a fresh sanitary bag every time or if preferred, you can refill them for continued use. Our bags are perfectly suited to fit all tips, couplers, and decorating methods.

See why so many people are switching from conventional canvas to our new plastic disposable bags!

Decorating Bags | Kopykake | Pastry Bags 100 - 10" Bags BAG10 $12.00 Place Order Online
100 - 14" Bags BAG14 $15.00
100 - 20" Bags BAG20 $20.00
Phone Orders are Welcome: USA Toll Free: 1-800-999-5253 and International: 1-310-373-8906
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