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Precision made to cater to the most exacting demands of the professional illustrator as well as the Arts & Crafts enthusiast, our Kopyrite projector offers tremendous value for money too.

With its whisper quiet fan protecting your artwork, and the 300w color corrected photolamp providing clear projections at any angle to enlarge or reduce your image to almost any size, the KOPYRITE deserves the label of versatile.

Project in comfort vertically down onto your table top (or baseboard) up to 400% or for larger images simply rotate the projector head on the stand to project horizontally large enough to fill a wall or up on to a ceiling. You can also reduce to 70% of the original copy.

KOPYRITE comes complete with adjustable stand, and is available in your choice of table clamp for mounting directly to your drawing board or table, or you can choose the optional 14" x 20" baseboard, at no extra cost.

* 220/240v projectors use 250w bulbs, not 300w

Owner's Manual: View it here


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