Arts, Crafts and Beauty

Arts, Crafts and Beauty

Set your Creativity Free

For over 46 years artists have trusted and used Kopykake products to help set their artistic creativity free; so you can be sure of our commitment to exceeding your needs. Some of our early models are still in use today so you can also have confidence in our commitment to manufacturing quality products.

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Kopykake Projectors
Slash Hours off your Sketching Time!

Like most artists you probably enjoy the painting rather than the preparation sketching and drawing; here's where Kopykake opaque drawing projectors can help you. The Masters are believed to have used such devices and you can too.Complete an accurate sketch in minutes instead of hours with our opaque projectors.

You don't have to be in a completely dark room when enlarging your photos or images and you can get your image down first time, every time; saving you hours and building your confidence. Made a painting mistake? No problem, simply re-sketch in minutes and get back to painting!

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Kopykake Compressors and Airbrushes

Artists, hobbyists, model enthusiasts, professionals all agree; Kopykake Air Compressors and Airbrushes are a dream solution to their variety of needs. With a Kopykake airbrush system, you can enjoy spraying all types of materials and products to any shade or color desired.

Our Airmaster Plus Compressor is adored by users who need a powerful yet quiet compressor that looks good.

The smaller, lighter KromaJet Compressor (it's only 2lbs) and Airbrush makes a perfect travel companion to the artist for whom space and weight are serious considerations.